Dress Code


Black tuxedo, white, wing collar tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, black socks and black shoes.


Long-sleeved floor-length black gown, long strand of pearls (about 24 inches) dark hose and black shores. Pearl button earrings are optional. No other jewelry should be worn.

Perfumes, perfumed deodorants, scented after-shave lotions, or any other scents should not be worn during rehearsals or performances.

Please: no cell phones, beepers or beeping watches.


Dues are one-hundred-fifty dollars ($150.00) per year. Dues purchase music and help support the operation of Peninsula Singers. Dues are considered donations and are tax-deductible.

Members receive a pre-registration form at the beginning of the season. If you do not use the form, you can opt to pay in the following ways:

  1. $150.00 at the beginning of each season.

  2. $75.00 in September and $75.00 in January

  3. Another payment schedule arranged with the Treasurer

In hardship cases, the Board may approve a full or partial scholarship. Please talk to the President.